A little doodle of me.

Your humble webmaster, hard at work.

Dear Reader:

Welcome to Truck Stop Coffee!

This is my lil' blog where I write about cartooning, writing, jazz, open source, terrible action flicks, and other things that hold my interest.

If you're curious as to who I am and what I'm about (and where you can find these comics of mine) you can check out my About page, head on over to my main site or check out the FAQ for some (in)frequently asked questions.

You can also click on over to the Tags page to check out topics that you might be interested in, view the Photo Roll for some pretty pictures, or subscribe to my nonsense via RSS.

A little doodle of me.

Sometimes I get carried away when working on the website. You'll see this lil' doodle of me if a page is a work in progress.

A couple interesting tags to get you started would be the Radio tag if you'd like to read about my weekly radio shows, the "Comics" tag if you want to see some of my books in progress and read my thoughts on the sequential art medium as a whole, "The Finer Things" if you want to hear my thoughts on music, movies, and more, and "Dog" if you'd like to see photos of the most majestic dumbass to ever walk this earth.

It's worth noting that this site is always under construction. The beauty of working with hypertext is that everything one puts on a website can be treated as a living digital garden of sorts, if the author chooses to do so.

I very much enjoy that way of doing things, and while I'll often label posts that I plan on mucking about with in the future as "under construction" (a status that I use the graphic to the left here to indicate), it should be assumed that everything on here is subject to update and change at any time. I view that as a feature, not a bug, and I hope you do too!

Thank you so much for visiting. I'm glad you're here with me today. You're amazing and don't let anyone tell you that you're not.

Have a good one.

--SARAH <3

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