Some links to cool people you should check out.

The following are links to websites of folks I think are cool. I don’t want to use this page to promote social media networks, and the vast majority of folks (specifically, other cartoonists/DJs) I know have social media accounts in place of a website, so this list shouldn’t be considered an exhaustive compendium of folks I think are neat. If you’re not on this list but think you should be, I probably can’t find your website or I haven’t gotten around to adding you yet because I’ve been busy with other obligations.

If you don’t have a website, make one then email me a link to it!

Note: This list is VERY incomplete at the moment–I’m in the middle of a bunch of things and need time to track down a bunch of my friends’ websites. I’m tossing it up as-is at this moment, though, and I’ll be adding to it fairly constantly. Check back soon!

Other Cartoonists, Artists, And Pen Wielders

Joshua W. Cotter

Josh is more or less the closest I have to one single person I can credit/blame with setting me on this line of work. Hell, he literally gave me my first dip pen when I was a kid, and his style of writing and cartooning continue to both influence my own and blow my mind today. Check out his work here.

Alex N. Graham

A fantastic illustrator, a stellar painter, and an all-around great human being. Check her work out here.

Mel Sealy

I met Mel during a comix reading I did at Cafe Kerouac one year, and I’ve been a fan of her work ever since. Check out her work here.


Another very good friend and collaborator, as well as a noted hater of puns for some reason I will never understand. Check out their blog here.

Other DJs/Musicians/Netradio Stations


I could have honestly put Tony here under the "Cartoonists" or "Hackers" sections if I wanted–his work is fantastic–but he’s most known for running, my home on the airwaves for the past few years. Check out his personal site here.

Trash Panda QC

Trash Panda is another fellow Datafruit DJ and all-around good dude. Check out his page here.


Another fellow Datafruit, a stellar human being and good friend, and the entire reason I own a Pinephone. Check out their website here.

Other Hackers/Tinkerers/Smart Folk

Emily Crose

A good friend and frequent collaborator of mine. We worked on The Teletypist and are currently working on Our Lady Maven together. Check out her site here.

Soren Bjornstad

A large part of why I picked Tiddlywiki to digitize my zettelkasten is because of this guy right here. Check out the work that got me into his output here and check out his blog here.

Shit I Think Is Cool


You literally can’t have an old-school website at this point and not link Sadness’s page. Check out here.

Long live the Archive. Support the Alexandria of the Web here.


I have a Pinephone named Navi, and she’s honestly my favorite gadget in my very gadget-filled purse. Affordable maker tech made by FOSS kids, for FOSS kids. Check them out here.