About Me


I’m Sarah. I’m an underground cartoonist, professional illustrator, and wandering ne’er-do-well. I’ve been telling stories and creating work for what is basically my entire adult life, and this is where I’ve decided to place my thoughts on doing so, as well as ramblings about life in general.

This blog is mainly where I write about things that hold my interest, and is also where I put notes on books, records, and other such things that I’m working on. I’d shy away of viewing this as an extention of my professional work as an illustrator1, but I wouldn’t consider it out of the question to view this as a suppliment to my work as a storyteller. I do illustration and contract work to pay the bills, sure, but the vast majority of my ouvure is decidedly more introspective, and you could view this digital garden as one would view Luhmann’s zettelkasten2 or William Blake’s sketchbooks, albeit written by an incongurious professional dolt rather than a man of letters.

Occasionally you’ll see posts about where I’ll be and what I’ll be up to, if those happen to be things you can tune into or come say hi to me at. The most frequent of those posts are the schedules to my weekly three-hour radio block on datafruits.fm, but in the few instances that see me doing interviews or showing up in meatspace they’ll be on here as well.

I also curate a photo roll with things in my world I find important. I am not a fan of social media for a good many reasons, but having my Instagram account nearly banned for reasons I still don’t understand has kind of taught me the lesson that, if I care about the few memories I bother to share with the world, I probably shouldn’t be hostin’ ‘em on the walled garden. You can also see drawings and photos of me on here if you want to do that for whatever reason.

Finally, I keep a list of links on here of sites by folks I respect, folks whose work I enjoy, or folks I consider friends. I adamantly refuse to link to social media if I can at all avoid it, so all of the links listed are websites away from the confines of the silos and shouldn’t be consider a comprehensive list of “good folks” due to the fact that not everyone has their own website. If we’re buds and you don’t have one, consider making a website!

If that doesn’t answer all your questions, feel free to check out the (in)frequently asked questions, head over to the slightly more professional-sounding bio on my portfolio website, or just drop me an email or write me a letter.

You’re amazing and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not. Stay safe out there.

  1. It should go without saying that the nonsense I prattle on about is not a reflection of those who employ me or enlist my services, but because bad faith is the rule on the modern Internet I’m putting that disclaimer here. ↩︎

  2. I do keep a zettlekasten of my own in a cigar box, and at some point–probably when I start putting pieces of my next book together–intend on porting it to Tiddlywiki and posting it here, in case folks wish to follow the proverbial bouncing ball. ↩︎